Photoshop Retouching Service


I offer digital retouching service in addition to my photography.  If you have a photo you would like to be retouched, whether it be digital or a printed picture, I am very proficient in Photoshop.  If you have an old photograph that has been damaged and in need of restoring, I also offer service for that in my deep retouching.  For examples of my before and after retouching follow the link.


Retouching service prices

  • Basic Retouching $5/image
    • Includes exposure adjustments, brightness, shadows, highlights, temperature adjustments, and basic blemish removal
    • Bulk price of $25 for up to 20 images
  • Deep Retouching $15 to 50/image
    • Includes the basic retouching of the photograph and any requested item that is possible.  These may include head swaps, removal of wrinkles, weight reduction or addition, textures, and tilt-shift effects.  Each photograph will be reviewed to insure a proper retouch can be done prior to payment.
    • Deep retouching also include damaged or old photographs you would like restored.  Each photo will be evaluated to insure proper retouch can be done prior to payment. 
    • I will provide you with a quote prior to starting work on your image/images
  • Bulk Images (Weddings) $300 for 400 images
    • Send me 400 of your picks from the wedding and I'll retouch them with my basic retouching service
    • I will also do a deep retouch on your top 5 picks if requested

If you wish to sample what I can do ask about a free sample.  I will do a basic retouch on 2 pictures for free.  I look forward to your business.